Area: 2290 (884 sq.mi.)

Population: 144527 (as of 2005)

Density: 63/ (163/sq.mi.)

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Achillion Hotel
Category: 4****
Aeolos Apartments Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Aeolos Apartments
Akrothea Hotel
Category: 3***
Akti Loutraki Hotel
Category: 4****
Akti Loutraki
Alkyon Hotel
Category: 5*****
Apollon Hotel
Category: 3***
Archontiko Fiamegou Hotel
Category: 3***
Archontiko Fiamegou
Archontiko Kefalari Traditional Hotel
Category: B'CLASS
Archontiko Kefalari
Archontiko Predari Traditional Hotel
Category: B'CLASS
Archontiko Predari
Arion Hotel
Category: 2**
Astra Hotel
Category: 3***
Bakos Hotel
Category: 3***
Barbara Hotel
Category: 3***
Biarritz Camping
Category: C'CLASS
Blue Dolphin Camping
Category: B'CLASS
Blue Dolphin
Blue Pearl Hotel
Category: 3***
Blue Pearl
Club Hotel Loutraki Hotel
Category: 5*****
Club Hotel Loutraki
Dafnis Club Apts Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Dafnis Club Apts
Excelsior Hotel
Category: 3***
Fadira Hotel
Category: 3***
Galaxy Hotel
Category: 2**
Glaros Camping
Category: C'CLASS
Grand Olympic Hotel
Category: 2**
Grand Olympic
Hotel M. Furnished Apts
Category: 1*
Hotel M
Iliochari Hotel & Furnished Apts
Category: 3***
Ilion Hotel
Category: 2**
Isthmia Hotel
Category: 2**
Isthmia Beach Camping
Category: B'CLASS
Isthmia Beach
Isthmia Prime Hotel Motel
Category: 3***
Isthmia Prime Hotel
Kalamaki Beach Hotel
Category: 4****
Kalamaki Beach
Kontis Hotel
Category: 3***
Kosmopolit Hotel
Category: 2**
Lido Hotel
Category: 3***
Loutraki Palace Traditional Hotel
Category: A'CLASS
Loutraki Palace
Mantas Hotel
Category: 3***
Marko Hotel
Category: 2**
Marrion Hotel
Category: 2**
Miramare Hotel
Category: 2**
Mitzithra Hotel
Category: 2**
Nerantza Hotel
Category: 2**
Olvios Hotel
Category: 4****
Onar Hotel
Category: 3***
Pappas Hotel
Category: 3***
Petit Palais Hotel
Category: 2**
Petit Palais
Pighi Tarlaba Traditional Hotel
Category: B'CLASS
Pighi Tarlaba
Poseidon Resort Hotel
Category: 5*****
Poseidon Resort
Possidonion Hotel
Category: 2**
Sea Side Hotel
Category: 2**
Sea Side
Segas Hotel
Category: 2**
Semeli Hotel
Category: 1*
Siagas Beach Hotel
Category: 3***
Siagas Beach
Sikyon Beach Hotel & Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Sikyon Beach
Vallera Hotel
Category: 1*
Villa Kreoli Hotel
Category: 2**
Villa Kreoli
Xylokastron Beach Hotel
Category: 2**
Xylokastron Beach

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Would you like to travel to a country where the tragedy of Medea was developing and Heracles killed the Nemean Lion? Then you should go to Corinthia on the Peloponnese peninsula washed by the Gulf of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf.
Corinthia Hotels vary from 1 to 5 stars and can offer apartments for a modest family holiday or luxury honeymoon.
Modern Corinth is the main city of the region close to ruins which have been a glorious city since the ancient Greece. Apostle Pavel visited Corinth and wrote at least two epistles to the local Christians. Here you can find hotels for any taste and budget.
Coastal hotels in Corinthia let you alternate excursions to history monuments and lying on the sea beaches. In these Corinthia hotels, you can choose from many comfortable rooms in different styles. Spa centers are also at your service. Kalamia hotels are especially attractive.
There are some campings right on the clean beaches with toilettes and showers, communal washing machines and kitchens, and free wi-fi.
Between the mountains and the sea, Loutraki is located, famous for its natural springs, an ancient Hera temple, and a large casino. On the mountain above the town, there is a monastery of the Saint Patapios keeping his relic. Even cheap Loutraki hotels provide not only accommodation in modern rooms but also treatment with medical water and spa procedures. In luxurious hotels of Loutraki, you can try different water sports or relax in a chain of pools and gardens.
Not far away, in Xylocastro, Delphic festivals were founded and Angelos Sikelianos wrote his poems. Now, in its romantic hotels, you can stay among pretty decorated rooms, roof gardens, and lobbies with fire places.
There are also many hotels in mountain villages. Every place has its own legend. Here you can stay in a mansion with historical interiors and modern facilities or in a camping and try excursions with mountain bikes.
Stay here travelling among natural and historical treasures.
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